#sharetheknowledge: podcast for DJs
The #ShareTheKnowledge podcast is an educational podcast for DJs. DJ TLM shares his 25+ years of experience through tips and tricks, and talks about all things DJ related. Learn how to become a better DJ and share the knowledge. This podcast is part of DJ TLM’s educational platform DJ TLM TV.
Using his 25 years of experience as a club DJ, tour DJ, mixtape DJ, radio DJ, music producer and event promoter, DJ TLM is sharing his knowledge with a global audience on his weekly Q&A podcast.

“I think it’s important to share the things that I have learned over the years. I’ve seen how much value it adds to the DJ community. I like to see/hear good DJs and through my educational content, I can help people become better DJs. At the same time, I’m learning so much from the people by reading all the comments so it’s a win-win situation”.

You can ask TLM anything via YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram (@djtlm). Your question might be answered in an upcoming episode or in the comment section. Make sure you add the hashtag #ShareTheKnowledge
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